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Are you ready to be un-Canadian enough to get open-net pen salmon farms out of British Columbia's waters once and for all?

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Looking for some background?

Here are the f***cking bullets

  • Open-net pen salmon farms release deadly pathogens, parasites and pollution into the ocean, right in the migratory pathways of Pacific salmon 
  • Open-net pen salmon farms are harmful to wild Pacific salmon and all the species that rely on them, like killer whales, wolves, bears, eagles and ancient forests
  • Canada’s government just gave the companies that operate the open-net pens 5 year extensions on their licenses! They don’t have to be out until June 30, 2029 
  • Wild salmon can't wait another five years
  • In 2019 Prime Minister Trudeau promised Canada would transition away from open-net salmon farms by 2025
  • B.C. is the last place left on the Pacific coast of North America where open-net pen salmon farms rear atlantic salmon
  • More than 120 First Nations support the removal of open-net pen salmon farms
  • At least 70% of Canadians support a transition away from any marine salmon aquaculture to a sustainable land-based sector
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